Dead Pixel Fix

I bought Lenovo Legion Y740 laptop today. Unfortunately I've found two dead pixels. I've read about some techniques to fix dead pixels. Basically it involves quickly switching pixel colors, so I decided to try it.

I used website which uses JavaScript and after few minutes of running this tool one pixel actually started to work. I read this website source and decided to implement my version of it, as I did not like some things about their implementation.

My version uses requestAnimationFrame, so it should work a little bit faster on high-FPS screens. Also I used Blixt's PRNG to improve frame rate as well.

You're welcome to use it or read its sources. It's a self-containing HTML file, so save it and use offline if necessary. Use keys "wasd" to move animated rectangle and position it over dead pixel. Use keys "qe" to increase or reduce rectangle size if you want. Please make sure to use 100% zoom, otherwise JavaScript pixels won't correspond to a physical pixels. Open.

Currently mobile devices are not supported, but I'll try to implement mobile device support later.

I'll report later whether it helped to repair last dead pixel.